How to peel a cherry tomato

 How to peel a cherry tomato

It’s definitely not tomato season, but in the test kitchen we are always working with ingredients months ahead of time, preparing recipes so they are perfect when the appropriate season hits. This week I was working on one of Lucy’s late summer recipes which included peeled cherry tomatoes.

Peeled cherry tomatoes sound finicky and tedious but they are surprisingly quick and easy (not to mention an impressive kitchen technique). Aside from the lovely aesthetic of a peeled tomato, there is a flavour benefit as well. If you intend on marinating tomatoes, the peel forms a barrier preventing flavours from being absorbed into the fruit. Removing the peel allows the flavours to penetrate the tomato. Peeled cherry tomatoes also have a satisfying texture; a firm flesh without a tough skin.

Here are directions to peel a cherry tomato:

Bring a medium pot of water to a boil. Have a slotted spoon at the ready. Drop 1 of pint cherry tomatoes into the water, count to two, then remove them immediately and place in a bowl (if you are working with more than a pint of tomatoes run them under cool water to stop them from cooking while you peel the rest). Pierce the top of the tomato with a paring knife. Gently peel back the skin, it will come off very easily and often the fruit will slide right out of the skin.  


*This same method works very well for large tomatoes however you will need to blanch them for 20 seconds instead of 2. 

By Kristen