Make the Most of Summer Produce with Veg-Forward Dishes

By Donna Borooah
I recently attended a plant-based cooking event hosted by Michael Abramson of vegetable butcher YamChops. It was the peak of our local produce season and Abramson told us, “it’s a short season, make the most of it.” With this, he and his team demonstrated innovative and unusual plant-based dishes including juicy watermelon “steak” with chimichurri, tomato sushi – which looked just like the real thing – and a chocolate mousse with a surprising ingredient: cauliflower.
Cauliflower seems to be everywhere these days. Many vegan chocolate recipes feature avocados for their creamy texture, but Abramson uses the velvety texture of pureed cauliflower to mimic the silky texture of pudding instead
From what I tasted at this event, cooking with food grown locally, at its peak, will result in something fresh, healthy and good. The proof is in the pudding.